Control Center i7

Espier Control Center i7


 The control center in iOS7 style

This app can help you to rapidly control the system functions such as Airplan Mode, WiFi, Wireless, Bluetooth, and so on. It can also help you to quick launch some tool apps, such as flashlight, clock, calculator, and camera.




  •  Rapidly control system functions, such as Airplane Mode, WiFi, Wireless, Bluetooth, adn so on.
  • Quick launch the frequently used apps, such as flashlight, clock (Espier Clock has high priority), caculator, and camera.
  •  Control music player and sound volume by setting a 4x1 or 5x1 widget.
  •  Several customization options:
    * You can choose whether the control center is accessible on the lock screen (need to install Espier Screen Locker iOS7).
    * You can choose whether the control center is accessible when running other apps.
    * You can customize the background of the control center page (need to pay for the full-version license).