Dialer (7)

Espier Dialer and Espier Dialer 7


Espier Dialer 6

Realistic iOS6 classic style

Espier Dialer 7

Concise ios7 flat style




Quick start,

Dial without waiting


In a rush when busy working?

Having an emergency?

Just hate to wait?

We won't let you down.





Accurate contact search


       Espier dialer will find the matched contacts to numbers and letters you input on the T9 Keyboard. Press arrows on the right side to switch to the next matched one. This allows you to search not only numbers but also names.


Alphabetical contacts list



Favorites management,

manage your frequent contacts


      Put your best friends, families and business VIPs in Favorites file, make it easier to contact to them frequently.


 Genuine validation

to prevent use of the maliciously cracked version of this app.


Because of limitation on some customized systems, the incoming/outgoing call interfaces in iOS-style can not work on some devices. Please confirm it can work properly in the evaluation period before you pay for the full version license.


Why the dialer does not show the number and the name of an incoming call

This occurs on some customized Android systems. You need to let the system trust Espier Dialer: tap the system Settings -> Apps -> Espier Dialer (iOS7) -> Permission Management, and then enable “I trust this app” option.

Why the outgoing/incoming call UIs in iOS style can not show

If you use the free edition of Espier Dialer (iOS7), you need to get an extra license to use this feature. However, you will get a ten-day evaluation license for the full version since your first installation. After the evaluation expired, you need to get the full version license for this feature.

If the feature can not work in the evaluation period, this is because of the limitation of your system (especially a customized system). In this case, there is no any valid work-around to avoid this. Please make sure that this feature can work properly when you pay for the full version license.