Screen Locker i7

Espier Screen Locker i6 and Espier Screen Locker i7

Main Features

Easy-to-use, simple, and beautiful UIs

Espier Screen Locker6

Realistic iOS6 classic style

Espier Screen Locker

Concise ios7 flat style


Sliding to unlock and the simple password allows you to

experience the easiest and most secure lock screen


Camera button to

activate the camera,

you can easily and fast

capture the beautiful

scenery around


The notifications can be showed on the locked

screen if you use Espier Notification plugin

This free version contains ads and has the following limitations

comparing with the official version:No support for widget;

No support for lock screen wallpaper;No support

for lock sound;No support for iOS-style font.

Why open the the espier lock screen, system will double lock screen?

First of all, when in the espier lock screen open,will be forced to shut down the system lock screen. But  the system lock screen may automatically restart. So in the espier lock screen settings set manually shut down the system lock screen. If some systems are does not have close the system lock screen items,and the system lock-screen services automatically restart, will lead to double lock screen appears.

Whether need to re-pay if you uninstall and update the new version, and has purchase?

The license will be valid permanently and will apply to all subsequent updates of the plugin.

How to buy a new license?

Please tap About -> Genuine Validation in the setting screen of the plugin, then tap Get Valid License in the result dialog box. This will guide you visit the purchase page of our website ( if you has registered. If not, the site will ask you register yourself first.

In the purchase webpage, buy the license, then back to tap About -> Genuine Validation, the license will be there.

Why I can not see notifications on the lock screen?

First, you must install Espier Notifications (iOS7) to work with Espier Screen Locker (iOS7).Espier Screen Locker (iOS7) itself can not get notifications from the system. Second, please make sure that you have only one service of Espier Notifications (iOS7) enabled in Accessibility and setup the apps in the notification center of Espier Notifications (iOS7) properly.

Why I can bypass the passcode lock when I access the Emergency Call or Camera from the lock screen

You need to install and setup Espier Notifications (iOS7) properly. Espier Notifications (iOS7) can monitor the status of Espier Screen Locker’s status and lock the screen after you access the Emergency call or Camera from the lock screen. If you do not want to install Espier Notifications (iOS7), you can just turn off Camera and Emergency Call in the Setting page of Espier Screen Locker (iOS7).

How to activate the widget on the lock screen

For Espier Screen Locker, enable Widget switcher on the Settings page and select Espier Music Controller (Lock Screen) or other widget in 4x1 or 5x1 size. After this, you can slide the time region horizontally on the lock screen to show the widget.

For Espier Screen Locker iOS7, enable Widget switcher on the Settings page and select Espier Music Controller iOS7 (Lock Screen) or other widget in 4x1` or 5x1 size. After this, you can slide the time region vertically on the lock screen to show the widget.

Why I can not see the lock screen immediately after rebooted my phone

This is because Espier Screen Locker (iOS7) runs as a normal (user) app instead of a system app. Android will start system apps first, then the default launcher, and then the normal apps. Therefore, Espier Screen Locker (iOS7) can not start immediately after rebooted your phone. 

Why the stock lock screen still shows?

This issue occurred on the old version of Espier Screen Locker (iOS7). If you use the latest version, the stock lock screen will be automatically killed by Espier Screen Locker (iOS7).